Student Clubs and Organizations

One of the goals of Student Engagement is to help students make connections on campus and maximize their university experience through student clubs and organizations. Becoming a member of a student organization helps you meet new people, develop leadership skills, and promote your interest while in university. The Office of Student Engagement oversees the registration and approval process for student clubs/organizations, student meeting space reservations, event approvals, and more. 

Students can visit the Office of Student Engagement in B-205 located in the Student Center to start a student club today!

Contact us:

Olivia Henderson, Director of Student Engagement or +965 22263250

2. Live the Full Experience

An Active Campus Life Makes a Difference.

The American college experience isn't just about attending classes and earning a diploma. It's about connecting with your peers and making life-long friendships, experiences that help shape your future and career path.


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