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2019-20: Our Inaugural Year

The completion of our first academic year is a monumental moment for AIC. The dedication of our students and staff has resulted in the incredible success evidenced by the last 9 months. Our doors opened up in September of 2019 and we could not be more proud of what we have achieved as an institute of higher education here in Kuwait. We saw our meticulously planned campus take its first breath with the arrival of our inaugural class. The college was brought alive with students, events, seminars, open days and much more!

Our programs were well received by students and parents. A vibrant curriculum allowed our students to actively engage in their courses, expanding their abilities every day. Our state-of-the-art classrooms, equipped with smart technology and adaptive learning spaces, allowed our faculty to bring pioneering and progressive teaching methods to our campus. Our students continue to benefit greatly from our innovative English Language Program, where our experienced English instructors guided our students through the intensive course equipping them with the skills necessary to succeed in our American-based education.

Our students’ holistic development has been our top priority! We sought to supplement their academic development with a number of on-campus activities that aim to foster the student community. Our National and Liberation Days celebration brought the entire campus community together. Through the AFCENT Band performance and the celebration of the Jahra Access Program, we have forged key relationships with the public and the United States Embassy. Events like these allowed students, faculty, staff and guests to network and have meaningful conversations outside of the classroom, all while having fun.

This year also tested our college community spirit with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the goal being the continuation of our students’ education, we took our classes virtual! The online learning environment was an immense success with our committed faculty guiding our students through the semester. We are extremely proud of our students completing the year with a sense of accomplishment and vigour. We are sure that the coming year will be as successful, if not more.

In these uncertain times, we eagerly look ahead at our next academic year. Applications for our Fall Semester will be opening soon and we are excited to welcome new students onto our campus. We will re-open stronger than ever and continue serving the Kuwait public with quality American education.

We will leave you will a few well wishes from our staff –

This year has witnessed history for all of us here at AIC … AIC looks forward to your return to campus to begin a new academic year starting in December 2020.”

- Dr. Bilal Akash, Vice President of Academic Affairs


To the AIC inaugural class, your resilience and dedication to overcome and conquer your first year in college was an amazing opportunity for each of you, as you grew both academically and socially. I look forward to having you continue your journey with us on campus for another successful semester of education, fun, growth, and opportunity.”

- Olivia Henderson, Director of Student Engagement 


Our gratitude goes out to all prospective students, and parents who have expressed their interest in our university. The Admissions Office is here to help you, and we will be very happy to answer all your inquiries regarding your admission. We are very excited to welcome you on our campus soon!

- Admissions Office

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